My primary goal as an artist is to use my skills and experience  to create works of art, in my case this is mostly large oil paintings  on canvas. Over the years I have come to realise that I can create  lasting impression that people love,  this is a wonderful and deeply personal experience and one that is hard  to explain.

That people enjoy my work is thrilling, that some are motivated to buy a painting or print is truly wonderful.  I have always been fascinated with the world around me and  motivated to create things, my creative direction has changed and  evolved, and is still evolving.  I attended Art College in South East  England in the late 70’s after excelling at art in my early school  years. I knew I wanted to use my creative gifts somehow in life, but  lacked experience back then. Since those early beginnings I have  broadened my horizon, traveling the globe, living, painting, exhibiting,  and selling my paintings in Canada, America, Mexico, Spain, and the UK.  My subjects have also broadened and one can see the journey expressed  through the work.

My early works respond to my formative years as a child, growing up in  Kent, the so called “Garden of England”. Large floral pieces, nature  seen through the eyes of a small child, playing in an English country  garden. Those years of innocence have passed and the work has a very  different quality now.  Although situations have changed, and at times  quite dramatically, I can say that my love and desire to paint has  remained the same. 

My passion for, and fascination with life is strong  and expressed in my work, my lack of experience in those early years now  replaced with a knowledge and confidence.  I am now familiar enough  with my materials and tools that I don’t need to give them much attention. I am now free to explore my creativity, envisioning and  discovering as I paint. My subjects vary, and are often impossible to  predict, something I see, feel, or hear, something that stops me in my  tracks, that perhaps the rest of the world has missed. I feel that now I  achieve a consistent high quality of production that will stand the test of time.